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Why ask when I can tell?

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10/2/2013 11:10:31 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
I decided to just tell you, but you can still ask questions if you so wish.

Instead of people asking about me, I decide to just tell you lecture style, with bullet points, a chronological order of my day.

6:30 Wake up, decide to have cake for Breakfast. YOLO.
7:10 Get to school, manage my mafia game for a bit.
7:20 Band starts. Early morning practice is quite annoying.
7:30 Drum major gives 50 pushups to entire band for repeating "What does the Fox say?" Over and over and over again.
7:40 Figure out we get a approx. 1 min dance routine to dubstep in show. Hooray!
7:50 Break into sections to do stuff, like tune, even though we end up not using our instruments after 8:00. Lol.
8:00 Stop using our instruments, march around.
8:40 Come back here, check mafia game again.
8:50 Go to 2nd hour class.
9:00 Due to government shutdown, we can"t get on, so FREEDAY! I immediately start playing minecraft.
9:38 Leave to go to French.
9:48 Teacher finishes with dictee(I will explain If I have to)
10:30 Take Algebra test # easy. Really, check out this question: (This is to the best of my memory)

People go to a play. Tickets cost Students 3$ and Teachers 5$. 150 Tickets were sold, and gained 560$ worth of money.

How much money was made off of student tickets?


If you don"t see the problem with this, I am deeply saddened by your mental capabilities.

11:00 Write this post. I"ll check back in later today to see what other stupidity goes on.

And that is 1/2 of a day for me. If you want you can ask questions, but IDK what you would ask.
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