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Tears in the shower

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12/20/2018 3:33:17 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
Medi-Cal should cover Viagra

My lesbian mother is an abusive pedophile child molester she used to hit me and call me disgusting sexual names and prayed I would be permanently sexually disabled even as a preteen, She hired men to molester and assault me, She molester her female students and puts her hands in their genitals, She verbally and physically abuses her students, She's been trying to get me harmed raped or killed for 20 years

Everything should be legalized and people should have as many kids as they can at every opportunity

Heteroanal moves the clitoris too, I'm not at all attracted to men but anal can feel good

Lesbians are the most childish retarded filth on earth

I've learned after 11k lonely orgasms that women will only date you if you stop masturbating, Women will choose less potent men who don't masturbate over even the most potent vagina loving man who masturbates

Homosexuals are rude and annoying, Anal can be enjoyed without being homosexual, Use tools

Women hate men who masturbate and they know telepathically whether you do or not

Either way even my mom is starting to fiend for d-ick problem is she wants my d-ick, The natural state of women is to desire d-ick they're just afraid to if they aren't made wet by the man if he isnt thinking about their vagina, Remember thinking about vagina makes them wet in a natural reptilian psychic process

Little girls chase me sometimes so it's likely pubescent girls will become hypersexual anyway, In the future f-ucking older women will be a favor

Some people treat me like the Messiah already, I'm a local celebrity, Eventually I'll be the most famous person on earth

Never ever masturbate

Women were anxious and shy and self conscious so they wasted their time being lesbians and going for less endowed men, Go for the biggest headed men they usually have the biggest d-icks

It can never be the same world, Women just didn't know the clitoris moves during sex

I don't do hard drugs just weed and lsd

Never ever ever ever masturbate

Please reserve a virgin for me, Start by reserving all the virgins you can in sf

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