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How far should i go for the ultimate dream?

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5/19/2019 1:14:26 PM
Posted: 10 months ago

Most of my life the ambition always were to get in to the police force. When i was 19 years old i was hit by Epilepsy, A mild form of it, Which was fairly quickly treated and under control by medicine. . This means that for a decade i havent seen or felt it in any way.

Problem is that police doesent accept any form of epilepsy even if its medicined away.

When you apply it is you who gives information about your conditions and etc. Then you go to physical tests. . . If those pass you will go to your doctor and have a health attest made. That makes it hard to avoid that info getting to recruiters. . .

Thing is, The way they recieve the attest is by me. So basicly the doctor sends the attest to me first, And then it is my responsibilty to forward it to recruitment.

Since i know i never have problems with my epilepsy, I considered the option to alter the attest before i forward it to the recruitment. This way in theory i can go through the education and i won't be faced with the issue anymore. . .

Its a morality thing, Because i feel my chance to be what i want to be is taken away even though i am capable. But that stupid little thing is disqualifying me. And i believe there is a way to alter / modify the document that will remove the information on the attest. . .

I want people to come with their opinion about this. I believe its responsible since i know for sure, That no conditions make me have attacks from my epilepsy.

The funny thing is, If you get epilepsy while in the force, You can keep being it if you simply don't inform your police department about it, So police officers does work with this.
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5/19/2019 1:32:48 PM
Posted: 10 months ago
Just a personal opinion, Since asked. I'm not certain myself that epilepsy can be cured permanently even if it was a mild form and treated early on. But, I know little to nothing about it, Imagine that you 'have done your own research, Spoken in depth with doctors about it.

There are dangers (Nonphysical) of lying or omitting information when acquiring a job. If it were ever found out in some fashion in the future it would allow your employers to fire you instantly for lying, Or to rescind any benefits you may have acquired over the years on the job. I think.

As for the moral question, Honestly it's subjective and up to you, But that's already realized and is terrible advice to only state that.
Instead I would ask you whether entering an organization based around justice and integrity in this manner of deceit (Harmless though you may view it to be) matches your values or theirs.

Then again, You're already asking yourself that.

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