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poverty i can't work my way out of

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6/20/2019 12:19:20 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
homosexuals have become a force you must praise in order to receive anything at all

using the word ugly only means the person saying it is impotent

i want whatever women want, Any hole though i heavily prefer vaginal

please try to keep everyone safe

the truth is difficult to know

i wouldnt write about my life if i had a girlfriend, Unless she wanted me to

seeing wealth inequality now leads me to think capitalism was the biggest failure of all time

ace ten is the key to all problem solving

try to never masturbate

the reptile hierarchy will sort itself

penetrative clitoral motion has mostly confirmed everyone's prior positions

language itself is breaking down, I intentionally write this way

abstract associations become auditory and even visual clairvoyance

the softest tissued people feel the most

the u. S. Is splitting apart and i can't pay for another states unplanned offspring

how much could beings at the poles of a species possibly feel? The middle feels the most

i want to live as long as i possibly can, I still enjoy life even as one of the unluckiest of all time

there are no simulations, I try to blame god and forgive people

needing what you don't deserve is a real polar effect

peace and love

vote female

invest in housing like google

my generation is slightly younger than the creator of facebook

successful capitalism is itself socialism and vice versa

men require sex often enough to make lesbianism impossible though as long as the birthrate is negative were solving prevention

even mma have to consciously focus on not killing eachother, Humans are fragile

a mixed race country having a negative birth rate is mind boggling, Possibly less than a quarter of certain races are procreating

male arousal is the same as female arousal only amplified by 4 billion

brazil is the future

the clitoris moves during penetrative vaginal sex

_ace ten_

-san francisco, Mostly castro
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6/20/2019 12:30:31 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
karma corrects all in time

i love everyone including myself

please avoid war at all costs

-the clitoris moves during penetrative vaginal sex

_ace ten_ the castro

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