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Parallel Universes

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11/4/2012 10:39:40 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
It's debatable, and there is no significant assertion in this field, but we are open minded to figure it out.

I am not sure if my point of view related to this, has the sameness with another sources. I am not going to explain how i can understand this, since it takes a lot of reasonable explanation, which i consider don't have time yet to provide complete reasoning explanation on this.

Perhaps if you want to make a denial or acceptance based on science, please do so. We want to hear all from you, different version, related update links, argumentation from any possible means or your better explanation on my understanding. Or you have different version.


I have my own explanation related to this, and it's enough for me to consider that parallel universe is jut a fake, or it's real with an exceptional. It help me much to see universe related to others and any possible consequences easier to understand as a reasonable framework. At least for now until someday there is an assertion that replace my point of view.

First we have to understand my point of view

I suggest we read further about Schrodinger's cat (thought experiment)

(Another You) can be considered now already crossed over to another universe. Are we speaking in Schrodinger? No we aren"t !

I have different point of view (different than Schrodinger"s cat)


The next moment always indicate the presence of cat and the absence of cat, but when we opened the box and found the cat was still alive then there is no other universe to a dead cat. But there is another universe for the absence of cat, where the absence of schrodinger"s cat in a universe because it represents another universe (belonging to) the observer who does not have direct observations (in whatever form) to the cat.

What I mean here is a duplication in another universe to establish causality, and instead establish a possible ramification of Schrodinger. Everyone has their own universe and well connected with causalities of several possible causal circumstances. It means that if we combine all of universes into one universe, it would seem only one picture that does not affirm the existence of two possibilities (of schrodinger) coexist.

My appearance is duplicated in several universe does not necessarily reflect the ramification (multiplication) of universe to show the possibilities of schrodinger, but it shows that our twin(s) is placed in different universe owned by your friends (or others) while maintaining causality among universes. In my universe, i am an observer, and in another universe, i was observed by other. There is only one observer in my own universe, and in other universe (owned by other people) the presence of myself (another me) is always being observed by other. But if you want to visit other universe as an observer (although the possibility can not be observed by others - hidden observer), then your awareness must get out of all the universes and see the whole universes (but you still won"t find "Schrodinger"s consequences").


So if we go back to the Schrodinger's cat, then when you open the cat and watched the cat was alive or dead, and deemed that only you"re watching a cat, then there is no other cat in another world (other than being observed by you), but as soon as other people are also watching a cat who is also being observed by you, then the cat impression will be formed also in the second observer, but still follow the rules of causality for the cat alive or dead, and in between the two observers did not have two cats in a state of life and death, but the two observers get a cat as the same circumstance of two circumstances, dead or alive.


Schrodinger then will get a cat that died, as it happened for others schrodinger"s cat observers, also will get a dead cat and there is no Schrodinger"s cat still alive anywhere and vice versa (if the cat is still alive).

The point is:

If we insist that there is duplication of ourselves, then there is only one as myself with consciousness. There are no more than one duplication of myself with more than one consciousness in this case. If there are five or more duplication of myself, then there is only one as myself with consciousness.
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