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Absolute mercy is it "good".

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3/9/2013 2:42:44 AM
Posted: 8 years ago
I just been thinking of Les Miserables, bishop Myriel forgave Valjean who just betrayed his trust by stole the church's silver despite the hospitality and trust the bishop had offered. Instead of reporting him to the authority, the bishop gave up all those silver under the pretext that he must use it to be an honest man, of which had soften the Valjean's hearth and actually make him a good person afterward.

Now, of course, this story is touching and there is no way to deny the goodness that this fictional bishop had showed. However I have a doubt that, if Valjean hearth has not soften with just a few silver and he still commit crime repeatedly, with each times the bishop had a chance to offer him redemption. Provided that the bishop action will eventually led him (Valjean) to be an honest man. However, to reach this point of redemption Valjean will commit many serious crime that not only cause damage to bishop but also his neighborhood and society, for example he may become raper after the first forgiveness, and murderer at the second, and many more until he finally repeated.

Do the bishop still be considered "good" by forgive him to his point of redemption, will he still be considered "good" if he choose to punish Valjean to prevent his imminent future crime? And if he is "not good" by offered forgiveness will he be considered "bad" for spreading crime to the society?

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