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More Websites Should Have Forums

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7/21/2013 8:09:37 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
I think more websites should offer free public discussion forums. I should be able to go to any corporations website and leave feedback. A consumers honest opinion should be the most valuable to any company.

I can think of a few negatives to making a business forum like this. I'm curious as to what are the worst things that could happen from open public opinion about a service or product though.

Would anyone mind giving an opinion?
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7/21/2013 3:27:12 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
I am working on getting to as many forums as YHWH allows before the Anti-Messiah fools all of you and the door to Salvation is shut.

Air max is ticked, I believe He or She (duno really never met em) is a Jew. YHWH is convicting Him the Maschiach is here and He will have none of it. I will be back after a while. In the mean-time Seek truth in Scripture, YHWH may close this door the the seed He has planted through His servant Sower For the Good Sheppard can grow, I will be back before Ya'acob's Trouble (Tribulation) takes full hold to Reap the Harvest. Shalom.

Look the Father's name, your Creator and His Son are ONE.
YHWH means "Set apart" ok? Not from this Earth. He Created it and you and everything. Simple. Yet He is Awesome.

That is why people cannot comprehend him and demand proof First, well it does not work that way. Trust first, make a decision, then Blessings. Salvation and the whole Whammy follow.

See you all around, As the Governor of Cali said once "I'll be back" For Intellectuals you sure are a rowdy bunch. If YHWH was not convicting the socks off of you then you would all of actually found me quite funny and likable. But it is not about me, now is it. My name is Yohanan. It means John in English and YHWH is Gracious. Bye you guys....hahaha I had some good laughs.

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