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h3;k6;k9; choices workbook

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8/25/2018 1:58:48 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
>>> Download: http://exfindfiles. Ru/d/%d0%b3%d0%b4%d0%b7+choices+workbook

i0;l5;l0;k5;k2; k6;l3;n3; m1;m5;l0;m0;k7;l3;n3;, Access 3. Do you know any ghost storiest Vocabulary Qorkbook the recording. Students wili then feel more confident about producing a complete piece of writing on their own. Answer Key 1 a k5;k6;k9; 3 an atlas 5 an eraser 2 aruler 4 anotebook 6 apen To learn workbooks we use at schoot o Read out the school objects. Agree and make another comment. What is this building called? Recordings for the Listening task in the Workbook are atso inctuded for workbooks to do their homework. H3;k6;k9; access 3 workbook kind and smile. To practise greetings through rote-play o Ask Ss to imagine they see a friend at the park. Go around the class and monitor Ss. Ask different Ss to tell you simitar sentences, Matching the cities to the countries. Then write it on the board. Go through the writing task in choicws so that students are fulty aware of why they are writing and who they are writing to. Explain to Ss that we can use linkers to join sentences together to make our writing more interesting. Suggested Answer Key Pena Palace is a beautiful castle in Costa de Lisboa, Portugol. Suggested Choicws Key The title refers to our school days. <br k5;k6;k9; choice 3 workbook Go en the Learning to learn box with Ss. Play the recording twice if necessary. There are choice activities gratis the modutes, Based on reatistic types and stytes of writing, Such as letters, Descriptions, Notes, Postcards and articles. Eticit from Ss how short answers are formed. Elicit what Unit 2a is about Cartoon characters.

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