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Guru Purnima Message. . .

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9/5/2018 5:14:57 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

Guru Purnima means the full moon day on which sage Vyaasa, The top spiritual preacher is born. Guru means the spiritual preacher, Who removes the ignorance-darkness. "Gu" means the ignorance darkness. "Ru" means remover of it. The ignorance-darkness is always removed by the knowledge-light only. Tomorrow happens to be the eclipse of moon also. This shows that our mind is eclipsed by the ignorance. Scripture says that moon represents mind (Chandramaa manasojaatah" Veda). The shadow planet or the planet of darkness (Tamograha) by name Raahu swallows the Moon or the mind. Tamograha means the planet of tamas or darkness or ignorance. Today, The situation in Hindu religion is represented by this Guru Purnima having the eclipse of moon.

Spiritual knowledge of God is very important since God helps the devotees in Pravrutti as well as in Nivrutti as far as possible without disturbing the cycle of deeds of the devotee. The omniscient God is very very talented in adjusting the cycle of deeds with His timely help to the devotee. Hence, God is all in all for the worldly life here as well as the life after death in the upper world. From beginning to the end in every angle, God"s help is very essential to every soul. The atheist denies the existence of God and looses everything everywhere and in every time. There can"t be any more unfortunate fellow to be really sympathised other than the atheist in this entire creation!

Spiritual knowledge or detailed information about the divine personality of God is the very basis for generation of devotion to God. The generated devotion turns to be practical to become sacrifice and service to God that leads the soul to achieve the eternal fruit in reality. Hence, The fundamental step is the spiritual knowledge, Which shall be true knowledge. Otherwise, The wrong knowledge will mislead the soul to wrong path and wrong goal. After hearing the spiritual knowledge from Sadguru like sage Vyaasa, Who is the incarnation of God Vishnu or the ultimate God Datta, You must analyze it and then arrive at the right conclusion to take up the practical steps, Called as Karma Yoga.

For this right path, The spiritual knowledge must be heard from the divine spiritual preacher (Sadguru), Who appears in every human generation. A constant touch with spiritual knowledge by hearing it (Adhyaatma Jnaana Nityatvam) and confirming it by analysis (Tattva Jnaanartha Darshanam) are recommended by the Gita. For this purpose to be fulfilled, Rituals are often suggested by the scripture to be done frequently in the life. On the occasion of ritual, There will be a holy assembly of devotees to hear the right spiritual knowledge from the priest or Guru, Who revises the spiritual knowledge already established by Satguru. By hearing more and more details of God through spiritual knowledge, More and more theoretical devotion is improved, Which on ripening turns to practice. Hence, Every ritual is an occasion for the devotees to assemble together and hear the spiritual knowledge propagated by the priest or Guru following the footsteps of Satguru. The rituals like entering new house, Marriage etc. , Vary in dates from one to other and hence, All the devotees will have the frequent opportunity of assembling together for the purpose of receiving good spiritual knowledge to improve the devotion. The ritual involves not only the propagation of spiritual knowledge, But also, Involves a programme of developing the devotion by singing devotional songs, Prayers, Worships etc.

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