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Winning Window Wings

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1/29/2019 8:25:07 PM
Posted: 11 months ago
Window wings. Got your back. Win. Wind. Winging it. Window opens the door. A door. There"s more. I use my mouth; I hear things.

It sings: There"s a higher intelligence and you can tap into it. In round about way you have to flow & explore it. Because who knows. Expose it. This is existence. . . It"s intelligent listening. The intelligence is listening, There"s more, You"ve got to explore some
more. Like a cha-ching, It"s something that sings. That"s the sting. It"s sings, That"s it, It"s a twist. It"s a good question, Afterall, My friends. Not all the time. There"s a lot more. Of course, There"s more, It goes on and on and on my friends. Like you open the door to higher imaginations, Releasing explanations, Exceeding expectations.

This was a way to say it. But there"s more ways to say it than that. What do you feel? It"s something for real. We"re on the reel. What"s that? It"s exactly. That"s what I thought. That"s how I brought it. How about that? I can go "how about that" but it"s not the nicest way to say "hullo" and "opens the doors". Of course, It"s about to open the doors. It"s like a brand spanking new reality. That"s not a tragedy. It happens to be our reality we live in already. Actually, We"re in it. Give it Thanksgivin". Let it begin. Cripple the sin and look up the heaven again. We"re larger than we thought. It"s about to hit the spot. That"s what I thought again. More than just I. It is wise to the sky. Just look up there and wonder why it"s such a good question my friends. Why?

Have a great try. They"ll pick it up on the other side. Like exploring the ways our minds are thinking, Explaining the ways & the way they"re talking. That"s what I"m talking about. Like things you may never have said before. To score higher and higher these days. Explaining the ways it makes us feel when we talk to the other side. It"s inside. It"s alright. It"s about to be a bigger story than we ever thought possible. It"s possible I"m explaining too much. It hits the spot, That"s what I thought. It"s something, Something, Like that, Of course. It"s The Force.

Now about those wings, I have a feeling. It goes through the ceiling. Like you make it up but it"s makes it. Somebody picks it up. Somebody or something. Let"s begin. It"s more than a feeling. Expressing our tangled up feelings of me with what"s outside of me. There"s something strange. It"s alright. There"s more to me, Ok. That"s what I have to say. It goes up, Up and away. It gives it grace. It"s not a race. It just happens to be the finish.

Like a bright wish on a shooting star, It already went too far. But here you are. You"re on the otherside. Like you died. But everything"s alright. It"s the fairytale ending we"ve been asking for. What does that say? It"s left for others to explain.
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