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Why was John the Baptist Beheaded?

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1/30/2019 3:09:03 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Shri Anil asked:
Padanamaskaram Swami! One person asked on Quora "Why did Jesus not save John the Baptist from getting beheaded? " Could You please answer this question? At Your Lotus Feet, Anil

Swami Replied:
God gave freedom to all souls so that they could do whatever they felt was good. God helped the souls in determining what is good and what is bad by preaching to them through holy scriptures, Holy devotees and holy Incarnations. Freedom means the complete freedom for all souls in this creation to act in any direction, Without the slightest force on the mind, Either here or in the upper worlds. God always preaches to every soul to bring the realization of the truth to the soul and to reform the soul. The soul is expected to realize and get reformed only through this knowledge introduced into the mind of the soul. It is the only way the soul can be saved. The only force used by God on the mind of a sinner is imparting knowledge. He does not use any physical force or miraculous power to reform the sinner.

The king tries to reform the sinner through physical force in the form of punishment, But such reformation is only temporary. Even the horrible punishments in hell cannot reform the soul permanently. Eternal reformation can never be attained through punishment. In spite of this defect of punishment, It is still used to reform the soul temporarily. Only the spiritual knowledge given by God-in-human-form can bring an eternal reformation in a soul.

Generally, The cloud rains everywhere and the rain makes the seed present in fertile soil to grow up into a plant. But a seed fallen on rocky soil cannot give rise to a plant immediately in spite of a lot of rain. Devilish or demonic souls are like the rocks present here and there on earth. The God-cloud does not use His miraculous power to change the rocky soil into fertile soil since God never interferes with souls using any type of force. Judas was like rocky soil. But due to his association with Jesus and continuously listening to His preaching, He realized, Confessed his sin, And punished himself at the end. The priests of the temple never listened to the preaching of Jesus at all and so they never got reformed. They were like solid rocks. Judas was like soil having some rocky nature. So, The seed of reformation at least germinated in him, Even though it germinated late.

Please follow the below link to listen the entire podcast on the above topic.

https://youtu. Be/5qm0PySsqHU

posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji)
YouTube Channel: Shri Datta Swami
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3/4/2019 3:13:27 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
its in the scripture why John was beheaded. "he must increase, I must decrease. " John said this himself when refering to Jesus Christ.

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