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Why is alcohol prohibited for human beings?

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4/2/2019 5:16:41 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
Shri Kishore Ram asked:

Padanamaskaram Swamiji! One of my friends requested You to kindly answer the question given below: When angels like Indra consumed alcohol (surapānam), Why is it prohibited for human beings? What is amrutapānam?

Swami replied:

O Learned and Devoted Servants of God! Angels have energetic bodies without any trace of matter. Sattvam, Rajas, And tamas are the three fundamental qualities or principles that are inherent in every aspect of creation. At the cosmic level, They are expressed as the three constituents of creation namely awareness, Energy and matter respectively. In our minds, Sattvam appears as knowledge and goodness, Rajas appears as dynamism and desire, And tamas represents ignorance and rigidity. The bodies of angels are made of rajas. Rajas actually means dust or particles. It means inert energy since energy is made of quanta or subtle particles. Angels also possess awareness, Which is sattvam. But they are not made of matter and so they are almost devoid of tamas. Even in their minds, They are almost free of ignorance. Since they do not possess material bodies, Angels never consume material food.

So, There is no question of angels drinking alcohol, Which is matter in the liquid state.

Drinking alcohol is only confined to human beings. It is a well-established fact that alcohol has serious mental and health effects and hence it has been prohibited in the scriptures. Angels directly consume the energy present in the cosmos as food. "AmM71;tam" means immortality. Energy is immortal and hence, The energetic bodies of angels are immortal. The reason for their immortality is this cosmic energy and not some drink consumed by them.

Please follow the below link to listen the full podcast on the above topic.

https://www. Youtu. Be/9aDPmu9279s

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