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Qualities of Angels, Humans and Demons

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4/9/2019 2:20:13 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

The three fundamental qualities are inherent in all aspects of creation. In the context of the components of creation, Sattvam is awareness, Rajas is inert energy and tamas is matter. In the context of mental qualities, Sattvam means knowledge, Rajas means activity and tamas means ignorance. The Gita says "Uurdhvam gacchayanti sattvasthaah"", Which means that in the upper world, Sattvam is predominant. In the middle world, Rajas is predominant, And in the lower world, Tamas is predominant. The middle world means the Martya Loka containing human beings. The upper world is the abode of angels while the lower world is the abode of demons.

Actually, The bodies of angels are made of inert energy. The awareness in all beings including them is also a work-form of energy. Energy is rajas. So, Rajas alone is predominant in them in quantity and they should have been said to be rajasic. But angels are more sattvic in their nature than humans. It means that predominance need not be understood in the sense of quantity alone. It can also be understood in the sense of quality. Angels having energetic bodies are said to predominantly have the quality of sattvam. This means that divine knowledge predominates in them. Angels are also said to be more powerful than humans. Actually, The inert energy present in the body of an angel is quantitatively lower than that of a human. But angels have tremendous miraculous powers associated with them. So, They are said to be more powerful. The word "more powerful" does not mean that the angels have more amount of inert energy in their bodies compared to humans. It means that the inert energy of the bodies of angels is associated with the more valuable miraculous power granted by God.

The quantity of inert energy in the body of a human being is higher than the quantity of inert energy in the body of an angel. But the quality of inert energy of the angel is greater than the quality of the inert energy of the human being. This is because the former is associated with a lot of divine miraculous power. Since the inert energy in a human being is quantitatively more than that of an angel, The human being is said to be more rajasic than the angel. On the other hand, Awareness is qualitatively superior in the case of an angel as compared to a human being since the angel"s awareness is associated with the miraculous power granted by God. Hence, The angel is more saattvic than the human being, Qualitatively.

For continuation of this message, Please follow the link ".

http://www. Universal-spirituality. Org/viewDiscourse. Html? Dcid=2ef5b5b4620540b3&masterId=38073fa88f11b70e&lc=fa28fefc758fe35d&rating=6

posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji)
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