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Why is Islam associated with violence etc. ?

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4/10/2019 5:36:33 PM
Posted: 9 months ago
Q) Why is Islam associated with violence, Meat-eating and other defects?

Swami replied:

Sin is sin irrespective of the religion a person follows. No divine scripture allows any human being to follow sin. But when a certain sin is inevitable and when no single person can change it among the people belonging to a certain religion or region, The divine scripture neglects for the time being. The scripture, In its preaching, Concentrates on the control of other sins at least. Even in Hinduism, Non-vegetarian food is consumed by people belonging to several sects.

You cannot blame Muslims alone for consuming non-vegetarian food since non-vegetarians are present in almost all religions. There are several good and bad qualities in every religion. You should not blame any specific religion for non-vegetarianism since it is found in almost all religions. Even in Buddhism, Which is famous for non-violence, People consumed non-vegetarian food right from the time of Buddha. Except for Jainism, Non-vegetarianism has always existed in every religion of the world.

Eating non-vegetarian food is a sin because it involves the killing of animals and birds to obtain their meat. There is no sin in merely eating non-vegetarian food if it does not involve the killing of harmless creatures. Eating non-vegetarian food obtained from naturally dead animals is not considered to be sin. Kāpālikās in Hinduism eat the meat of naturally dead living beings and it is not counted as a sin. Hence, Eating either vegetarian or non-vegetarian food is not a sin directly. Eating non-vegetarian food becomes an indirect sin due to the killing of animals for their meat.

We should not provoke quarrels among the followers of religions by finding faults with other people"s religions. Faults are present in all the religions in one form or another. Such fanatic behavior must be avoided to bring peace to this world. An atom of goodness in us appears to us as a mountain while the mountain of badness in us appears to us as an atom! In the case of others, We reverse the policy: an atom of badness in others appears to us as a mountain and the mountain of goodness in others appears to us as an atom! Such biased behavior results in quarrels among religions.

Actually, We must look at things in exactly the opposite manner. We must see an atom of badness in us as a mountain and a mountain of goodness in us as an atom. Similarly, We must see an atom of goodness in others as a mountain and a mountain of badness in others as an atom. By looking at things in this manner, We can avoid quarrels, Not only with other religions but also with all our fellow-human beings. Such behavior is the basis of bringing peace in our family, In our city, In our state, In our country and finally in this entire world. If there is any human being who is trying hard to bring peace in this world, God likes that person to the greatest extent because God wants this world, Created and maintained by Him, To run peacefully. Anybody violating this main aim of God becomes the object of His terrible anger.

In Hinduism, People kill animals in a ritual called yaj"a, Which means sacrifice. But the Veda clearly says "ManyuM17; pa"7;uM17;", Which means that the "animal" to be killed is the rigid, Animal-like foolishness, Which makes a human being follow blind traditions without analysis. As a symbolic representation of this concept, It is suggested that the flour of useless non-germinating grains be shaped into the form of an animal and that form be cut with a knife. The form of the animal made out of flour is called a piM79;M89;apa"7;uM17;. This practice of cutting the flour-animal exists in the sacrifice or yaj"a which is performed with knowledge. Such a yaj"a is called iM79;M89;i. But people who were fond of non-vegetarian food exploited this concept by replacing the flour-animal with an actual animal in order to justify the killing of animals for meat. Such people will not stop killing animals for food even if the Veda orders them to stop.

universal-spirituality. Org/viewDiscourse. Html? Dcid=fa04d99505bc0af0&masterId=14c5b879de8fa182&lc=fa28fefc758fe35d&rating=4

posted by: surya (disciple of Swamiji)
YouTube Channel: Shri Datta Swami
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4/13/2019 6:54:06 AM
Posted: 9 months ago
In order to survive, We must consume organic material.

The trouble with humans is that we tend to unnecessarily over-think at times.
Which I suppose is one of the obvious drawbacks of having highly developed cognitive ability.

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