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The Literal and the Metaphorical

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2/20/2016 4:19:48 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
'The literal and the metaphorical are equal and opposite'.

The simple Earth is a concept that I'm introducing; it's the Earth experienced by the senses, where the complexities ( such as aerosols and water vapour formulating clouds ) are not recognised.

"The simple Earth", that goes without thought, is equal and opposite to "the complex Earth" that we're wise of.

The metaphorical interpretation of the world has equal authority as the literal interpretation. However, there is speech and there is sense, and it's my position that the two differ and cause an abstraction.

In speech, the literal is empowered over the metaphorical- its biased- successfully arguing for a simple Earth in word is improbable. However if we use our senses we can truly recognise the simple Earth and compare it to the complex Earth.

The problem is that the abstraction of speech and sense neglects the trust for the human sensory ability.

To conclude the metaphorical and literal are equal and opposite, and that is my position...
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