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Becareful regarding prayers to God "

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4/9/2016 1:43:42 AM
Posted: 2 years ago
At 4/7/2016 3:16:15 PM, dattaswami wrote:
(Excerpt from message of Shri Datta Swami)

Whenever, you pray to the Lord, be careful about the meaning of the prayer. You must utter with your mouth only that which you can really practice. In your prayers you say that the Lord is everything for you. But you cannot practice this. You cannot prove this as long as the Lord remains formless or in an energetic form or as a statue. But when the Lord comes in human form and asks you to sacrifice a little for His sake, you will go back on your word. You deny the human form only due to this inconvenience. You like the statue or the formless aspect of God or energetic forms of God because they cannot ask you to practically prove what you said in your prayers.
Total nonsense....

You want that God should believe whatever you claim in your prayer and blindly sanction whatever you ask.
This is pathetic. Nobody is capable of knowing what other people want God to believe. :You think that God is innocent and should believe whatever you say without any practical proof or test.
People aren't stupid enough to think they can make God believe something..
This is the main reason for the denial of the human form of God.
Human form of God...utter nonsense
When you offer food to the Lord, the formless God, the energetic form of God or the statue will not take even a single particle of your offered food. But if you offer the same food to the human form, you will not get back a single particle to eat because He will eat it. This is the reason for denying the human form of the Lord.
Gobbledygook and nothing more than saying give food to the hungry.
First you must be sure of the extent of the value you give to God. Then, you must be sure of the extent of your faith when you meet the human incarnation and your ability to recognize and believe Him as the Lord. If you have the full value for the Lord and if you recognize the human incarnation, the full value to God must be proved practically in the case of that human incarnation. If you have full value for God but do not recognize the human incarnation, then there is no opportunity for you to prove your full faith to God. In such a case your full value to God is false and you are a hypocrite.
utter nonsense
Jesus gave full value to God and sacrificed His life for the sake of God. In the end He told the Lord that His will should be done. When He accepted the will of God to be done, He did not feel adversely in the crucifixion. Since the crucifixion was the will of the Lord He followed it sincerely because Jesus told the Lord that His will must be done. Therefore, whatever is told must be practiced. During the crucifixion He never asked the Lord to protect Him and stop the crucifixion. If He had asked for it, it would have been stopped immediately by the miraculous power of God.
Yeah, so, this means nothing.
Therefore, unless you have the determination of practice you should not utter anything before the Lord. Once you utter you must follow it at least in the case of the Lord. Most of our prayers are only lies and we cannot practice even one percent of what we say.
This person has no idea what most of peoples prayers are. Utter nonsense
By such false prayers one only invokes the anger of the Lord and not His grace. Whatever value you have for God should be proven in practice and such value alone should be mentioned in your words while praying to the Lord. Whatever, little love you have for God, mention only that much in words. God will not be displeased for your little love. In fact He will be more pleased because you are telling the truth before Him. There are some people who call every human being who is greater than them in power or wealth as the Lord. The purpose of saying that is only to get some benefit from that human being. Thus, the word Lord has become a means in the hands of clever materialistic people to achieve their selfish ends. False human incarnations may be trapped by such clever people. But the real human incarnation will never get fooled.
This is just vague garbage meant to seem wise.
posted by: surya (disciple of swamiji)
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