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Everytime I Sleep . . I don't Exist

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4/23/2016 9:27:20 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
Can't start without being clear what the one letter symbol 'I' denotes. If it denotes the few billion atoms that currently constitute ones body then they don't cease to exist. But if one is a generous, life and soul of the party sort of person, that aspect disappears. One cannot be generous and asleep at the same time.

The brain is akin to a dynamo and the self akin to the electricity that a dynamo produces by virtue of its operation. When the 'dynamo turns slowly' it hardly produces any 'self' at all, not even enough to register its own existence or the passage of time.

The normal operation of the brain (aka the turning of the dynamo) can be effected by chemicals such as alcohol or general anaesthetic so the self it produces is modified, as would b the quality of electricity prodiced by a dynamo with grit in the works.

The self is not like the a soul is supposed to be. The self does not come into existence at birth and disappear at death. The self -like the electricity from a dynamo- exists by virtue of being produced from moment to moment. When asleep that constant production of 'self' ceases (or is massively reduced) so in that sense the self (or 'i')does cease to exist in sleep.

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