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Non-Biblical Arguments For Christianity

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7/6/2016 3:12:12 PM
Posted: 3 years ago
Ha, they exist but then it wouldn't be Christianity, it'd just be arguing against things most educated individuals already consider a fact. Which in turn is motivated by the bible but not directly using it. Dumb things like the big bang happened, obviously something made it happen, obviously it was a god and not just any god, it was my personal version of my god.
They say they want to save people from hell, but I see them trying to save people with hell. They deny science when on a computer. They say the bible is metaphors for some parts and not others, and follow some parts and not others. They believe their culture more than their bible they supposedly follow, and will deny any contradictions of the bible. Then say we are the dishonest ones? Since we don't believe in a deity which is equally as convincing as any other then god made the devil knowingly?

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