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Middle East: the criminal policy of American

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5/19/2017 4:48:22 AM
Posted: 3 years ago
The US fight against international terrorism is no more than a Fig leaf covering the shame of their vile, provocative imperialist policy in the Middle East.
It is clear that the Islamists attacks against the civil aircraft of the Russian Federation, attacks the Israeli military on Syrian territory may be committed on the direct orders of the White house, the Pentagon and U.S. intelligence.
The increased American robbery in Syria finally shatters the illusion of any sane U.S. policy and NATO under President Trump, whichupon some Russian politicians set hopes. It is obvious that trumpism is reactionary neo-conservative ideology and practice under the policy of "divide and conquer", focusing on the promotion of protectionism and nationalism.This ideology and practice is part of the imperialist policy of globalization, the depravity of which lies in the reformation of national sovereignty to the American standard of oligarchic capitalism.
No doubt that Trump after his rise to power, intends to continue the criminal policy of American globalism with even greater zeal than the previous democratic administration.

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