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Facebook arguement about government.

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9/4/2012 8:10:32 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Before you guys read these argument I'd like to say I'm most likely are going to get bashed on for my terrible debating and just letting you know now, I KNOW! and I know some of you will agree with Thomas and some won't so that's why I leave you guys with this to give your opinion and your thoughts about what you would have said to him or what you would have said to me. who knows I might be the wrong one here so educate me.

Thomas J. Michie VII I just saw the video which claims we belong to the government. I wasn't aware that I am owned by anyone except myself. Never have such claims been made in American History since slave owners claimed their slaves belonged to them.

Mauricio Delcid Lopez Lol you must be confused sir. please show me this evidence of what you speak of.

Thomas J. Michie VII

New DNC video: "We" all "belong to" the government

What unites Americans? Is it our love for liberty and freedom?

Mauricio Delcid Lopez I don't think that's what they implied it to mean lol. that's silly if you think that's what you think they meant.

Thomas J. Michie VII Anyone who thinks we collectively "belong" to the government the is making the argument that we are owned by government. Are we not? The government steals money from our paychecks as if the fruits of our labor belong to them. The government can draft me and force me to fight and die in a war that I don't believe in. The government can remove you from your home as if the government is the landlord and your home belongs to it.

Mauricio Delcid Lopez Our government doesn't take money from us. if you are referring to taxes? that's the money we owe to them why? because they are our employees and us the bosses must pay them for their service. and about the "we belong to our government" thing they imply it in a way as we are all part of our government. without us there is no government . we hire them by electing them they work for us.

Thomas J. Michie VII
If I am the boss and the government is truly comprised of my employees than I should be able to fire them. In fact, if I decide to suspend payment because I don't like the job they are doing, I get thrown in jail at gunpoint. Does that real
ly sound like a boss-employee relationship to you? Sure, it sounds like one to me. The Government is the boss and I'm an involuntary employee. Unlike my Job in the private sector, I can't leave the government-boss and find a new one because voters collectively decide what is best for everyone else. The fact of the matter is that the government owns you, taxes aren't payments for services rendered, it's stolen. If I don't want to give money to the government, which is where I stand right now, and that money is still taken out of my paycheck against my will, how can you call that voluntary payment? It isn't freedom, it isn't protection, it is blatant theft from the people who supposedly "belong" to the government.

Mauricio Delcid Lopez
‎1.) You aren't the boss. remember I included two important words "We and us" . in our constitution "We the people " is a very important part of it. because we the people hire our government officials. you want someone fired do it as a part
y. cause when the people are united to fight against unconstitutional government we get it done. Taxes? taxes pay many services for us including (The police, firemen, doctors, teachers and much more). You are a very silly little man lol

Thomas J. Michie VII
So you believe a collectivist document, signed over two-hundred years ago, is a contract that I'm obliged to follow despite no dotted line with my signature on it? You're saying that "we the people" is a good thing, and embracing individual
ism is a negative thing. Why should I leave my freewill and my life in the hands of 51% of Americans? The majority rule is nothing short of two wolves and a sheep deciding what's for dinner. You've obviously fallen for the false pretense that democracy is freedom, when it's really nothing short of communism, where everyone collectively decides what's best for everyone. That's not freedom. Your reference to the constitution is laughable and your belief that unity and collectivism is strength is even more laughable. Sorry, I believe in the individuals rights to make his/her own decision and that I don't belong to anyone except myself. The government is nothing less than a gang of thieves who deserve to be imprisoned or fall victim to their own suicide...preferably the latter of the two in my opinion

Mauricio Delcid Lopez If you don't like the American government , if you're too ignorant to understand it , if you are really going arguing with a 16 year old about why our system is as it is then leave. you have the free will to do that. Sir Government has it's many flaws believe me I know. no government will ever be a perfect government and though it has it's flaws it has many goods. currently feeding millions of families and educating many children some who aren't even citizens of our country government stores order and civilization for many. I believe in democracy and so do many people around the world even anarchist who don't believe in government believe in democracy cause it works. you are just too ignorant to understand that and look at the flaws of our government and think the worse of it because of these flaws.