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Assange - Another prospective

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9/12/2012 12:31:37 PM
Posted: 6 years ago
Julian Assange embarrassed the US state department when it exposed the nature of its diplomatic structure that uses lies and manipulation to get what it wants.

One does have to ask why Sweden will not question him in England when no charges have been brought forth or why they will not discuss an extradition arrangement with Ecuador.

God forbid should the US get a hold of this guy. I'm also surprised at how many people give a rats arse that our country was (and probably is) running a clandestine military operations in Yeman and supported the lies of the Yeman government that the bombings to kill terrorists were not American drones and were their own. Really????? think people are that stupid??????

I'm not saying there should be no state secrets, especially with ongoing operations, but we also should not be lying or deceiving. We need to increase the integrity of our state department, bring clarity to our positions, and stop making deals with the devil as we so often do.

I know it is very unpopular to support Assange. Think of this. When one puts his support for the state over support for freedom and truth that is when freedom is lost.