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As an Illuminati, I cannot fathom why you fea

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11/7/2012 8:21:02 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
As an Illuminati, I cannot fathom why you fear us.

I can tell you that George is correct at this point in time but it is a system that I and my Illuminati friends do not really want. You are forcing us into competing with each other as many of us are as insecure in this economy as you are.

It is true that our ultimate goal is full control of the economy but it is not so that we can control you so much as it is to bring stability and a longer term profit for all of mankind. You are more responsible for the instability of the economy than we are. You know the stability would instantly make us all wealthier in the long run yet you refuse to give us openly the power that we already hold secretly.

Carlin is wrong in saying that we do not care. We have to because we know that without you below us doing your duty to the economy and purchasing stupidly, the whole system would crash. But even if it would my friends, after it bounces back, nothing will have changed unless you give my Illuminati friends true political power and the opportunity to create the final evolutionary political regime that will rule indefinitely. A Timocracy.

I know that most of you think that you have no way of moving our regimes to this best and most profitable system. You are wrong. You are presently living under two main lies and these lies are the only thing holding all of societies everywhere from prosperity for all demographic pyramids and individuals. Two Noble Lies that most of you believe. The first is the Noble Lie of religion representing a God when they really represent what Governments have created them to represent. The second is the Noble Lie that George recognizes and speaks to. That you are ruled by an independent non-Illuminati controlled government.

If you can recognise those two Noble Lies and recognize that you live in an Illuminati controlled oligarchy, then and only then can you actually control your destiny by knowing honestly who controls you.

Are you ready for an honest open system of control instead of the one you now live under?

You can, by vote, actually participate in decisions about your future without subversive manipulation, --- or do nothing and continue living a lie?

It is your choice.

As an Illuminati I can tell you that the wish and duty that drives us is not wealth by numbers. It is wealth to be used to insure our demographic position while forming a benevolent Timocratic regime that is completely transparent to all.

You can have it if you want it and create it. Believe me if you can, -------


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