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Blame game is going around

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12/18/2012 12:03:16 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
Why do we all have to separate ourselves when a tragedy strikes? It seems many are pushing blame around. My Facebook is filled with comments about gun laws to take away rights or to not take away rights. Religious and nonreligious are blaming each other. We are all equally sickened by what happened. I really think we are all upset and traumatized by the fact that this could happen. It is not anyone's fault that was not directly responsible for this occurring. We do have to take responsibility, for our own lives and the lives of our children. The answer to why this happened is because a mentally challenged young man got a hold of a gun and killed innocent people/children. (I could not imagine a worst scenario) Questions need to be answered, how this man got a gun? No unstable individual needs to be in contact with a real gun. (Responsible gun owners should know this) It was obvious this man was not stable. Mistakes were made; people need to be more educated about mental disorders. This boy was setting himself on fire and could not feel pain. You can"t expect a person that can"t feel pain to understand it. He didn"t like to be touched one that can"t feel love or compassion cannot be expected to know it. I really think what we need to be talking about is gun safety and education for the public is the first place to start. I don't mind a school principal carrying a gun, as long as it stays holstered and they have been psychologically evaluated (yearly).... metal detectors are good too. The teachers carrying guns is an overreaction and just way to many guns honestly. (Taking everyone"s gun rights away is an overreaction as well, and unarming the innocent) Why do we have to separate and nothing gets done, and if something does it leaves one side feeling unheard or hardened by what has happened?

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