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Makers Vs Takers

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1/25/2013 4:53:47 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
I have two questions to ask for anyone willing to answer here:

1.) Do you think the "makers vs takers" view of society and the economy (that a large portion of society merely "mooches" off of the other part of society) is at least somewhat accurate?

2.) Do you think that that it is fair for President Obama to ascribe this view to Republicans in claiming that they saw people on Medicare and Social Security as part of the "takers" category?

My view on the first question is mostly no. I say mostly because, while I don't think this dynamic is particularly accurate when describing the society and economy as a whole, there are a small number of folks on government programs who are truly undeserving. Still, characterizing society as a group of makers versus a group of takers seems very wrongheaded to me.

On the second question, I also say mostly no. I'm sure one can find some Republicans who have characterized anyone receiving any kind of government assistance at any time "takers". However, this is not representative of the views of the larger party. I do think many Republicans see the "makers vs takers" dynamic as an important factor in explaining Democratic victories as well as many modern problems. But, when Republicans talk about "takers" in this context, they are talking almost exclusively about anti poverty programs (and perhaps the group of people who pay negative income taxes to the federal government). I disagree with Republicans who see things this way, but I also think it is a more defensible position than the one President Obama ascribed to them in his speech.

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