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Four Degress with High Unemployment

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6/13/2013 9:19:54 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Cool article from Yahoo, nobody go into:

Degrees With High Unemployment

Degree #1 - Fine Arts
Do you have a gift for artistic expression? By all means, follow your muse. Just seriously think about if you want to follow it into a fine arts degree program. According to the Georgetown study, employment rates for recent fine arts graduates are at a staggering 12.6 percent.

Part of the reason for this rate, Heathfield suggests, is cyclical: "When times are tough economically, people don't spend a lot of money or time on fine arts," she says. "Also, government funding has tanked in recent years, so fine arts are becoming more and more dependent on individual donations." And if donations to the arts are no longer tax deductible, she notes, it will be a huge blow to fine artists.

Degree #2 - Philosophy and Religious Studies
Do you find yourself drawn to life's big questions? Devoting your life to philosophy or religion is a noble aim - just make sure you go into it with realistic expectations, since it might be harder to find a job than you hope. According to the Georgetown report, 10.8 percent of recent philosophy and religious studies graduates are unemployed.

Heathfield attributes the high unemployment of religious studies graduates to recent statistics that suggest the practice of religion in the U.S. is going down. "Fewer and fewer churches need pastors," Heathfield notes. "And what do you do with a degree in philosophy if you don't teach in a college? They're very nice degrees, and people learn a lot in subjects they love - but they don't necessarily lead to jobs," she says.

Degree #3 - Film, Video, and Photographic Arts
Maybe you have an eye for capturing the beauty - or hard truth - of the world around us. But before you decide to embrace photography or film production as your life's work, you might want to consider some numbers. The Georgetown report notes that 12.9 percent of recent film, video, and photographic arts majors are unemployed. And the numbers are even worse for graduate degree holders - 13 percent face unemployment.

The changing role of print media could be partly to blame, according to Heathfield. "Traditionally, in the photographic arts, people made money in print publications," Heathfield says. But with the decline of print magazines, she says, the opportunities for photographers to make a living this way are declining. "But the online world is bringing new and different opportunities to people," she adds. "You have to have some talent, and you also have to be really up to speed on the technology, but there are some exciting new possibilities."

Degree #4 - Information Systems
You might be surprised to see this particular degree on our list of the most unemployable degrees. But according to the Georgetown study, 11.7 percent of information systems graduates are unemployed. But don't get discouraged yet - Heathfield has a slightly rosier outlook.

"I disagree with Georgetown on this one," Heathfield says. "Information systems people survey and purchase all computer equipment for a company. They also makes sure employees are up to speed, connected, and trained. I think they'll become more in demand as more employees start working from home."
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