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Even today, religion and politics remain the

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6/22/2013 6:27:40 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Shabbat Shalom!
Our Heavenly Father"s teaching on the consequence of religious rhetoric"
By Yahshuamob
As I mentioned, there is another related passage which we must consider relative to the religiously-inspired substitution of Lord / Ba"al for Yahweh"s name. The discussion in which it is found is also prophetic of Yahushua"s return. It begins in the twenty-third chapter of Yirmayahuw / Yah Uplifts / Jeremiah.

So that we comprehend God"s perspective on religious and political leaders, so that we are aware of why He was addressing, indeed condemning, this specific audience, and so that we understand and appreciate His message in this regard, we are going to invest the time required to properly evaluate our Heavenly Father"s teaching on the consequence of religious rhetoric, especially as it relates to the substitution of His name, Yahweh, for the adversarial title "Ba"al " Lord." Over the course of the next twenty pages your eyes will be opened to a perspective you may not have otherwise considered. What follows is a wholesale repudiation of religion, its means and consequence.

For more of the article, please be patient I am reviewing it on the first work day of the week which is Sunday, to day is Shabbat and I am resting and getting ready to Worship my Savior Yahushua in our Messianic Synangogue.
Shabbat SHalom! Sower.

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