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Assault on Power Plants

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6/27/2013 8:44:50 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Hello everyone!
For a while I was working as operator on Salem Harbor Power Plant. Now I've seen entire site of some morons whining about 56 years of coal dust and soot and unprofitable business bla bla bla and demanding to close it immediately. Well for sure guys of Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will fulfill their request quite soon. They've already issued vast regulations about closure of the number of US power plants. I've been enough time in this focus area to understand that damned granolas are going to place us on tinderbox or totally demolish American economics.
Just imagine that USA would receive 10% LESS energy at once. And what do those goody-goody EPA offer to do with closed Power Plants? You should make reactor entombment and keep protective envelope save. That's zillion of our greens earned by the sweet of our brow. Do you think that EPA and Co. would 'waste' money for keeping us safe? I a lot doubt.
We invent ABM systems for protecting us and Europe from some non-existent foes fearing to be exploded. And our own dumb environmental watchdogs have been creating dirty bomb which is to blast United States and all misfits occurred to be nearby sooner or later.

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