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Funny little talk...

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7/8/2013 6:52:11 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Hi fella's! Meet the newbie on your forum. I just tried to read all the 500 plus pages of the thread, but didn't manage them all. Interesting though rather boring reading. Want to get some fresh news? I guess you do. Unfortunately it's not good news for the Armenians. Well. You can learn it by yourselves. Just listen to this funny little talk between some Lithuanian pols.

Funny isn't it? What do they mean, that Armenia has got no economic projects? I suppose you know what: we have got no gas or oil, but Azerbaijan does have it all. So why bother with this poor Armenia and help it with NKR? Now you see, that the balance of power may well soon change in favor of the fa***ts from Azerbaijan! For those who don't get the point. Lithuania will soon be the Chairman of the EU. And what they say they will try to do during their 6 month's term...

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