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Thanks to Europe

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7/12/2013 12:49:29 PM
Posted: 7 years ago
-- We can mourn these days for letting genocide take place on an oppressed people. Perhaps the cowards in Europe didn't want to send their own people to protect the Bosniaks. We didn't need their help. But they were more than cowards when they imposed a weapons embargo on a people with no weapons, who fought a powerful, genocidal Yugoslav army.

And we should thank UN soldiers (spoiled kids from Netherlands) for giving the optimal protection for women in the town of Srebrenica. They certainly did well protecting them, and letting 8000+ of their men and children have their blood spilled in a matter of days.

Americans should be proud of their country that despite its mistakes, at least has the courage to step up against oppression. Europe is too full of cowards.

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