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A question to the anachist

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7/30/2013 11:27:44 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
In my previous post of whether the anarchist or nationalist is better or worse if they are willing to force their idea on the other. Judging from the replies in this topic, I believe many people in this side are quite in support of anarchist or anarchistic idea (at least better than the nationalist).

So I would like to ask a second question, how do you think such an anarchistic idea should come in to existent? Do you think such a condition is impossible to practically archive and only serve as an ideological target or do you think it is really practical?

From my understanding anarchist idea have one basic weakness in itself, that is people are stronger when they are organized in a group. When individual demand take priority, such an organization will be impossible and those who manage to do so (through creation of collective demand) will become a stronger force, capable of preying on a scattered and weak individual. Thus in the end the weaker individual will be force in to a collective formation anyway. That;s why, for me, the idea of anarchist doesn't really sound practical, correct me of if I am wrong.

Totally free economy, on the other hands, is possible. However this condition will require a single strong government that is powerful enough to dominate every player in the collective and promise not to use that power. Of course, that's not anarchist but I don't really see how can we get closer to that point than this.

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