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Georgia's new leader? No, thanks.

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8/15/2013 7:13:13 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
On the eve of presidential elections in Georgia on 31 of October 2013 the whole country runs a fever. Saakashvili and the rest of his crew try to stay afloat and keep the remains of his former powers so they placed their stakes on David Bakradze to be Mikheil's successor. That's very 'nice' because when Bakradze as chairman of the parliament of Georgia and member of the national security council of Georgia knew everything about tactics and methods Saakashvili used to impose restrictions on the rights and freedoms in Georgia. In fact Bakradze is accomplice of Saakashvili's outrages and crimes that happened in Georgia while they had absolute control over the country. And now this man strives to take presidential office and continue Saakashvili's course. What Bakradze can offer to people of Georgia that were abused and humiliated all that time? And how dare he can be if thinks that he can become new president of Georgia? He has no moral right to be new head of Georgia after all things he done... Just want you to know the truth about this...

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