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Drug traffic to Europe

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9/11/2013 8:54:26 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
US troops removing from Afghanistan cannot result in cut of drug traffic to Europe.
Surely, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were massive, destructive, wastes of lives and money. Thus, all of us rejoiced at seeing the vast majority of our troops leaving Afghanistan.
But I work at AirScun, one of US private military companies that had enter into a contract with US Army Corp of Engineers at first in Iraq and then became private contractor in Afghanistan. And all of my colleagues know exactly that although Washington officially declares about total removing of our combat troops from Afghanistan by 2014, this will in no way be the end of our presence in the country.
So-called private army will remain in Afghanistan for years. Moreover, according to official data ( the number of private military contractors grows every year although they are very costly: only over the last six fiscal years DOD obligations for such contracts performed in Afghanistan were $160 billion!
The explanation is rather simple. Our hirers are extremely interested in replacing the military with private contractors because the high costs will be financed by Afghani drug traffic intensity. The more especially as the growing number of private contractors here, in Afghanistan, for instance, let the Pentagon say as if it "lacks the ability to control the work of each contractor in the proper way"!
Thus, hopes of our allies, concerned to extremely cutback of Afghani drug traffic to Europe after US troop's withdrawal from Afghanistan, are absolutely useless!

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