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9/30/2013 1:43:16 AM
Posted: 7 years ago
Can America Function With Gerrymandering?

With the census completed and redistricting done for 2013 the questions on gerrymandering return. Can America function properly and to the best of its ability if gerrymandering occurs? Not many citizens know about it but when explained what it does then everyone is against it. Many politicians are against it such as Arnold Schwarzenegger who during an interview explained his opinion on it and even went as far as to call civilians and urge them to go for laws to prevent gerrymandering. () and a large and dominate majority of the American people oppose the idea of letting the political parties determine where the votes go. Whenever gerrymandering is used an unfair advantage is given to a political party usually limiting their votes or completely getting rid of them. Another example comes from Arizona where currently an argument for minority voting rights against redistricting is occurring. ( This is a very good example that shows exactly how your rights can be infringed by politicians and their private interests. Based on this information can America function as a nation divided by republican and democrat extremist and can there be a solution to make sure it does not happen anymore?

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