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first genitally mutilated david raised by les

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8/16/2018 1:32:28 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
it was FEMALE voices in my head telling me to focus on vagina, not clueless males, no one even hinted at the clitoris moving during sex before i noticed while watching porn, i give myself full credit for the idea, i wouldve thought anyone who knows wouldve been infinitely sexually attractive to women since theyre good at sex but so far that has not been the case after 2 years

the anus makes me limp

the last time lgbt were allowed to abuse their own children was 2000 years ago, jesus christs lesbian mother paid gays to crucify her son, my own lesbian mother paid f-aggots to abuse me and now those same f-aggots are trying to steal my idea, theres no such thing as homosexuality only abuse, i swear on my life i and other lesbians sons will outlaw all homosexuality, sodomy, and pedophilia, we are close to the end of text itself

other noteworthy ideas:
we need solar powered biofuel, wireless biology/genetics/dna, free food especially sent to construction sites, more social workers

i want to create a genetic medical software company with a dating app using livestream laser tag with a map feature as an exercise game to increase attractiveness, the best date is eating and exercise, mixed race have the highest cancer resistance, im out of ssi for this month so if i cant panhandle ill likely go to the psych hospital ive been extremely depressed again

i would outlaw employing lgbt and give all their money to their kids, lesbians are even more abusive than gays because they pay f-aggots to abuse their own children

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