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Women came first. . .

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8/25/2018 9:02:00 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Women base their attraction on who the straightest men are, It doesn't matter what you look like and it's easy to make them wet if you focus on their vagina and show them how beautiful you think their vagina is, Also tell who you like to those close to you

Most gay men treat me like a king but ill repeat if one touched me again and I told them to stop I would feed their genitals to them and sow their anus shut, I think most gay men were brainwashed into protecting women when in reality women are the ones who chose the men who stretched their anus and made them feel entitled to stretching anuses which is tragic and understandable

I have no sympathy for thieves and I would always leave it up to the victim to maximally punish their abusers however they choose lifelong with zero consequences, My own lesbian mother has stolen the most important part of my body my foreskin which was originally partially to prevent masturbation and after 10, 000 swollen burns I understand why, If you can"t get laid or get a relationship you"ll often wake up semenglued to your clothes and bed either way

I"ve witnessed the fact that birds will start following you even indoors and killing themselves in order to help you get laid if you"re completely heterosexual like myself (fully developed vagina only), Like Ive said I think there"s a global army of "gay" men just waiting for the day to blame their true creator " women who steal and waste the energy and potential of men, This is the only way to create the mathematically longest living civilizations and unlock the full potential of humans - it is the messianic-motianic age, Of course even disgusting worthless thieves can always choose the protection of good heterosexual men if they can find one willing to save them going forward

If a woman cheated on me with a man I would simply divorce, If a woman cheated on me with a woman I would cancel all solutions, The prostate feels best unstretched rubbing against the inside of your rectal walls and the clitoris moves most penetratively with tight resistence from an unstretched anus, If someone raped my future wife or kids I would immediately start killing everyone who looked like the assaulter at otherwise complete random, As a 27 year old very intellectual lesbians son our species survival depends on heeding this warning

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