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Racism, Sexism, And Homophobia

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8/27/2018 5:03:30 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
"An axiom of progressive opinion, Especially in universities, Is that we continue to live in a deeply racist, Sexist, And homophobic societyR02;"R02;which would imply that progressivism is a waste of time, Having accomplished nothing after decades of struggle. " (Pinker, Enlightenment Now)

I can hardly believe someone as brilliant as Pinker could make such a statement. The observation that we live in a deeply racist, Sexist and homophobic society does not imply that we have made no progress. Nor could it be inferred from such a position that progressivism is a waste of time. Logical fallacies aside, It seems to me that racism, Sexism, And homophobia are still the norm. That is to say, Each occur frequently in our society; enough so that Pinker"s causal congratulating of societal equality strikes me as pre-mature.

https://medium. Com/the-sensible-soapbox/racism-sexism-and-homophobia-a-response-to-steven-pinker-ebb448bd69ed
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