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The Seas are Rising

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8/28/2018 1:29:49 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Literally (global warming) and metaphorically (around the Trump administration).

Since this site was attacked by Russian-oriented spam-bots who were spoofing a Western European IP address to mask the fact that they were coming out of Central and Eastern Europe. . . Flooding this site with a deluge of nonsense that made the site literally unusable, Much has happened in the Trump-Russia scandal that, I am confident, Will come to be the greatest political scandal in American History. The fact that it was pulled off by the man who is quite possibly the stupidest and most incompetent president in history adds a unique flavor to the mix after all.

Manafort has been convicted and will likely face the rest of his life in prison. Cohen will testify against Trump, And specifically why Cohen was in Prague in 2016 summer. . . And more importantly who sent him there. . . . To pay a debt related to voter registry hacking and distribution of GRU and FSB hacked emails released by and through Jullian Assange.

As I said from the start, The Russians hacked the state voter registries for the purpose of identifying voter records so that the data people Trump had would know who to microtarget. The Russians, Though, Went further. They specifically timed releases of damaging information (namely, Hacked emails) which they knew would manipulate American media cycles towards favorable news coverage of Trump. These efforts were intentional. Worse, The Russians amplified social tensions in the United States to scare blacks away from Democrats and whites towards electing a fascist; through their online disinformation campaigns coordinated and executed through Facebook, Twitter, And every major social media platform in the western world.

Muller has Trump campaign's emails. He has all the emails, And he is going to charge Trump Jr. With lying to the FBI after already having named the president as unindicted co-conspirator. Jeff Sessions was smart. He very adroitly distanced himself knowing that his contacts with Kislyak and lying about the same under oath before congress placed him in peril. Now, When this house of cards comes crashing down. . . He will pretend to be ignorant and his party will likely let him off.

Now, Republicans will lose the house and likely the senate. . . . Unless the Russians hack the polls. If they do, That will be the end of Trump and of Russia.

Political power will change hands once more, And when it does. . . Well, The Republicans already know what is in store for them.

http://nymag. Com/daily/intelligencer/2018/08/republicans-congress-list-of-trump-scandals-covering-up. Html
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8/28/2018 7:55:46 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Maybe. Seems hard to say at this point (To me). Even when it does get written into the history books, I'm thinking there's going to be a lot of gray/blank/unsure areas/conjecture (I think).

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