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Where do gunners come from in American school

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9/5/2018 12:11:40 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
Recently, The number of incidents involving the use of firearms has increased in American schools. According to CNN, All such incidents in the United States during the period from January 1, 2009 to May 21, 2018 were 288, In Canada and France - two, One in Germany. Such incidents were not recorded in the UK, Italy and Japan. At the same time this year, Fire in American schools was opened once a week on average.
The last incident with shooting occurred in the US on May 18. 17-year-old Dimitrios Pagourtzis opened fire at the school in Santa Fe, Texas. According to the investigation, Fire alarms were triggered in the school, Schoolchildren left the classrooms, After which the teenager started shooting. Nine children and one teacher perished.
The Government of the country is taking all possible measures to reduce such cases - from the production of educational films to counter school shootings to the proposal for the arming of teachers. However, The strongest weapons lobby of the country is hindering the adoption of radical measures to limit firearms, Especially since this is not the only reason for shooting in educational institutions.
At the moment, The American education system is in deep crisis. In the beginning of April this year, Across the country there were strikes of teachers with demands for higher wages and increased funding for the education sector.
The profession of a teacher in the US has long turned into a low-paid and unprestigious one. So, The teacher's rate is 45 thousand dollars a year in Oklahoma. Many teachers were forced to earn extra money in a cafe or supermarket or even move to their parents, As they could no longer afford to pay their own housing.
Funding for education also suffers in America. Social networks are filled with photographs of dilapidated textbooks and broken furniture. Such flash mobs are arranged by teachers to draw public attention to an important problem: students have to study the history of the country from the textbooks of the 2000s, Which have long been irrelevant in content. In addition, This literature is so ramshackle that it literally falls apart from old age. This year, The education sector in Oklahoma was allocated only $ 50 million. In comparison with the necessary 200 million dollars - this is a negligible amount.
The government's ignoring of the education system led to a sharp outflow of teachers. The "professionalism" of the remaining teachers can be judged on the occasion of John Corcoran, Who worked at the school for 17 years, Unable to read and write. In his words, It was not at all necessary, Because he did not write anything on the blackboard and for the most part just had discussion with the students.
The outflow of teachers from schools has led to a catastrophic situation: there is simply no one to teach children, Many schools in the United States are closed, Some for the sake of economy had to be transferred to a four-day academic week - due to the reduction of some subjects and the dismissal of teachers. The US solved this problem by attracting teachers from other countries. Leaders among the countries exporting to the US school teachers are the Philippines and Jamaica. These countries have been supplying nurses to the labor market for a long time. This is an inexpensive workforce that can temporarily solve personnel issues in education.
Nevertheless, According to experts, Attracting teachers from other countries will not be able to solve the problems of financing schools. In addition, There are a number of difficulties associated with the relationship between students and emigrant teachers. It is difficult for such a teacher to find a common language with students, Since he has a completely different worldview. Different views on the surrounding reality do not contribute to the development of the student, Formal relations that develop between a teacher and a student often create conflict situations that often end in a shootout.
A small salary puts the teacher on the lower social level and makes this profession unpopular among young people, Depriving the teacher of the necessary authority. In such a situation, The children are left to themselves, Without due control and supervision. Given the current impact of computer games and the internet on the fragile mentality of adolescents, As well as the abundance of firearms, Backed up by the lack of any authority, It is not surprising that the situation with the increasing incidence of shooting in American schools is becoming catastrophic.

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