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Russia"s deadly secret weapons revealed

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9/11/2018 12:14:48 AM
Posted: 10 months ago
Vladimir Putin may have already announced a hypersonic nuclear missile that is undetectable to western radar, But he has kept a number of other high-tech weapons a secret, Including an unstoppable air-to-surface rocket and new combat robots.
Just before tensions with Moscow ratcheted around the globe following the spy poisoning saga, The Russian President unveiled a string of new weaponry.
It included a new supersonic weapon that cannot be tracked by anti-missile systems.
But he has a number of other surprises up his sleeve, According to pro-Moscow website Russia Insider.
It claims Russia's military are already equipped with Kh-32 air-to-surface missiles.
The rockets enter the stratosphere after being launched before diving back down to earth with such speed and dexterity they cannot be defended against, It is claimed.
Those missiles, Capable of carrying nuclear warheads, Could be potentially deadly to any surface target, Military chiefs say.
They have a range of around 1, 000km and can hit speeds of 5, 400km per hour, Making them more advanced than anything in the US arsenal.
Alongside the missiles, The Kremlin also claims to have developed combat robots that can mount attacks on land.
The contraptions are said to have been designed to take on armoured enemy weaponry and can operate alongside drones.
A four-legged machine dubbed the Lynx will carry a machine gun and anti-tank guided missiles and is capable of travel across any terrain.
Moscow also has a number of bombs invisible to radar.
The Drels, Or gliding bombs, Were unveiled in the brutal Syrian conflict and can soar through the skies for 30km.
Mr Putin unveiled a series of new weapons in early March ahead of his election victory.
The despot bragged of underwater drones that can carry nuclear warheads are also being tested by the secretive nation, The President said.
Once operational, They could be used to strike against aircraft and launch attacks on enemy shores.
And the Russian leader said military chiefs had an operational ballistic missile with a limitless range.
He claimed the missile could not be stopped by an US shield, As a video simulation played on a big screen.
Mr Putin said a nuclear attack on any of Moscow"s allies would be regarded as an attack on Russia itself and draw an immediate response.
It was unclear if he had a particular Russian ally, Such as Syria, In mind, But his comments looked like a warning to Washington not to use tactical battlefield nuclear weapons.
His remarks were greeted with scepticism in the US, Where officials cast doubt on whether Russia has added any new capabilities to its nuclear arsenal beyond those already known to its military and intelligence agencies.
The Pentagon, Which recently announced a nuclear policy revamp based partly on the bellicose posture from Moscow, Said it was not surprised by Mr Putin"s presentation.
Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said: "We"ve been watching Russia for a long time. We"re not surprised.
"These weapons that are discussed have been in development a very long time. "