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Green & Yellow

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11/5/2018 3:56:47 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
What the hay?

Feel The Force. Even if it"s corny.

This is the key. Key lime.

It"s time for a new lime paradigm, That"s my little rhyme.

Turn away from the dark side. It"s a fire raging out of control.

Let us have our day in The Sun and expect light showers.

Liberty will rain.

A Green, White & Yellow American flag, Representing the Green & Libertarian parties, Is the first step in The Revolution. We have to turn things around. This is The Rebellion. The Force is with us.

Imagine Liberty and Sustainability. Direct-Democracy and Reason. Peace and Peace again. Peace both times.

It"s time for this historic friendship to emerge and replace the system we have now.

A land of milk, Weed & honey for us all.
Grand Poobah of DDO

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