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legalization for guaranteed employment

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11/8/2018 5:44:29 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
note: i don't smoke cannabis

should cannabis be legalized as an incentive that guarantees that cannabis producers and business employ a states unemployed or underemployed workforce?

i i think that the companies should be rewarded additional tax breaks if the prospective companies employ a specific amount of state residents,

would this vague state model of legalization work? Legalization in return for guaranteeed employment.

if a company employs a specific number, They will receive additional tax breaks that rewards them
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11/9/2018 6:46:24 PM
Posted: 1 year ago
Ehh, I don't like the idea of promoting or not promoting it purely due to business value.
Either it is good/semi good/not worse than product or is extraordinarily harmful product. Lot of people nowadays claim it is the first, In which case they claim they should be allowed to use it.

Some people on freedom kick, "I can do what I want. "

Other people mention on how moronic it is to go to jail for it, With it being so common.

'If. . . It was good/semi good/ not worse than alcohol cigarettes. Wouldn't there be no/little reason not to allow it? If it was worse and extraordinarily harmful, What reason ould possibly allow it? Much less money.

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