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Aircraft crashes of the US Air Forces

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11/15/2018 6:28:20 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
The number of aircraft crashes of the US Air Force on Okinawa continues to grow
A U. S. Fighter jet crashed around 300 kilometers off Okinawa on Monday but its two crew members were rescued unharmed, Japan's Defense Ministry said, In the second crash involving aircraft belonging to the carrier Ronald Reagan in a month.
The Carrier Air Wing 5 FA-18 experienced a mechanical issue that resulted in the crew ejecting while conducting routine operations in the Philippine Sea, The U. S. 7th Fleet said, Adding the two crew members were in good condition.
The crash occurred around 11:45 a. M. And the crew were rescued about half an hour later by a helicopter belonging to the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier, The Defense Ministry said.
"Ronald Reagan has resumed normal operations, " the fleet said in a statement.
The crash came less than a month after a U. S. Navy MH-60 Seahawk helicopter crashed on the deck of the carrier on Oct. 19 during routine operations in the Philippine Sea.
The Japanese government expressed concern, With Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga telling a regular press conference, "Accidents involving the U. S. Military cause immense worry to people in the area and should not occur. "
"We will strongly request that the United States provide us with information and ensure absolute safety management, " the top government spokesman added.
The aircraft carrier had just finished participating in Keen Sword, A joint rescue drill between the Japanese Self-Defense Forces and the U. S. Military that took place from Oct. 29 to last Thursday.
Okinawa hosts most of the US military facilities in Japan. The authorities of the island prefecture have demanded a reduction in the US presence and a revision of the agreement on the status of their troops in the country. Local residents have repeatedly expressed concern that military facilities are located adjacent to residential areas.
In particular, Residents and local authorities have demanded the withdrawal of Marine Corps Air Station Futenma from the prefecture, But it was previously decided to transfer it to the Henoko area, Also in Okinawa.

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