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Turkey is a key player of Washington

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12/11/2018 1:20:03 AM
Posted: 12 months ago
Turkey is a key player of Washington on missile defense
Recently, Relations between Ankara and Washington have noticeably deteriorated. This deterioration of relations between the two countries is connected, On the one hand, With the support that Americans have for the Kurds, On the other, With the purchase of the C-400 systems from Russia.
Meanwhile, Despite a significant deterioration in relations between the United States and Turkey, The States continue to hope that Ankara will not leave NATO. Moreover, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that Erdogan should "maintain deeper relations with the United States and with Europe. " Deeper relations imply the inclusion of Turkey in the general air defense and missile defense system of NATO. This is evidenced by a report submitted to the US Congress.
According to Washington, Ankara is a "key player" in deterring "barbarian states" and terrorist groups. And, Despite the difficult period, The joint activities of Turkey and the United States is successful in some areas. First of all, This is the joint work of the two countries in Syria. In addition, There are two thousand American troops in Turkey, And the Turkish Air Force and radar equipment assist the American forces. Moreover, Turkey plans to fulfill the US requirement to increase defense spending to 2% of GDP by 2024.
At the same time, Ankara plays a special role in ensuring the security of NATO"s southeastern flank. According to military analysts, Turkey is a suitable place for both the deployment of anti-missile radar and interceptor missiles.
Its convenient geographical position contributes to the deployment of systems that can block the rocket-hazardous directions, The trajectories of which come from the Middle and Near East. But, Despite the statement of the Erdogan"s representative about the defensive purposes of the Patriot air defense systems, They can be used for other, Far from defensive purposes.
Turkish authorities began to consider the option of installing a missile defense system back in 2013. Among the sellers for deliveries were considered China with long-range air defense systems, The United States with the Patriot systems and the SAMP / T air defense system manufactured by the Italian-French concern Eurosam. Negotiations with China ended in November 2015 due to disagreements of the parties on various issues, Including technology transfer and co-production. At the same time, The authorities decided to cancel the tender in general.
The tensions between Turkey and the United States most likely will not affect Washington"s far-reaching plans to promote a global missile defense system. Meanwhile, The decision of Ankara remains unknown. Thus, The press secretary of the President of Turkey, Ibrahim Kalyn, Said that Ankara could agree to the American proposal, If the contract for the Patriot air defense systems will provide for joint production.

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