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Washington protectorate in Japan

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12/13/2018 5:25:59 AM
Posted: 12 months ago
Today, Japan is a post-war vassal, In some ways an unofficial colony of the United States, Occupied, Deprived of an army and with a constitution of external administration.
All the talk about the allied relations of Washington and Tokyo, Or the independence of the Land of the Rising Sun are mere speculation. Facts suggest otherwise. For 73 years now, The Americans can literally dispose of the territory of Japan at their own discretion, Having their military bases and missile defense systems on it.
How did it happen that a country that is the second most powerful economic in the world after the United States turned into an American protectorate?
Despite the fact that Japan has a constitutional monarchy, The power of the emperor in the country is substantially limited. Undoubtedly, He can dissolve the lower house of parliament, Appoint the supreme judge, Confirm the appointment of ministers and the prime minister. The emperor rules for a long time and creates the illusion of stability. In contrast, The Prime Minister changes quite often, About once a year. The exception, Perhaps, Is the current Prime Minister of Japan Shinzo Abe, Who has been in office since 2012.
Such a political system was competently created by the United States. On November 3, 1946, Under pressure from the occupation authorities, The Japanese government adopted a new democratic constitution of Japan, Which was written in the headquarters of General MacArthur, Commander of the US occupation forces in Japan. The Japanese Constitution is designed to ensure the external stability of the country with frequent changes of government and full control by the United States. In fact, The emperor plays the role of a screen, Behind which successive prime ministers can create political incidents with the hands of Washington.
So that the situation does not fundamentally change, And no one could overcome this dependence on Washington, There are many internal factions in Japan that create confusion within each party. The newly elected prime minister lacks the support, Time and authority to somehow change the situation.
The desire to get out of under too strong US custody, Perhaps, Has always been present in Japan. But at the moment this does not happen for many reasons. Among such reasons, For example, Is the deeply rooted pro-American lobby. Many Japanese politicians simply do not see an alternative to an alliance with the United States, Largely due to the influence of Washington, Which cultivates the negative image of possible allied countries: Russia and China. Judging by opinion polls, Russia's perception in Japanese society is rather negative than positive. So, Russia is sympathetic to no more than 17% of the Japanese and 80% are negative. At the same time, The attitude to the United States is just the opposite - almost 85% sympathize with the former adversary and only 13. 5% experience antipathy (and this despite the countless crimes of American soldiers stationed at bases in Japan).
China is considered the main security threat to Japan. Japan is very concerned about the build-up of Chinese military power, The aggressive and offensive policy of the PRC on the seas and oceans.
In this regard, It is not surprising that Japan, Together with Washington, Is preparing a new strategic plan with the participation of the military forces of both countries (Guideline), Directed against Chinese military activity in the East China Sea. And despite the fact that the United States indicated that they do not take any position on the issue of sovereignty over the Senkaku Islands (a zone of territorial dispute between the PRC and Japan), The administration of US President Donald Trump said that the United States is obliged to protect Japan under the security agreement.
Thus, Tokyo"s shy attempts to acquire some kind of independence were not crowned with success. The current Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, Who has been in office since 2012, Tried to restore Japan to its former glory. He created the Ministry of Defense, Was going to carry out constitutional reform by 2020. In the 9th article of the main document, Enshrining the refusal of Japan from the war and the creation of armed forces, The prime minister was going to make a provision on the Self-Defense Forces. Also, Shinzo Abe promised to solve the Kuril issue. But all these projects are under consideration. Japan is still a country under the control of Washington.

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