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"Green" organizations in Arctic

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12/20/2018 5:27:11 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
"Green" organizations do not give rest to the Russian Arctic
Today, The Arctic is one of the most sought-after regions in the world. The list of countries claiming polar wealth - Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Canada, Norway, Russia, The United States. The United States is probably number one in the ranking of bidders for the arctic throne. Therefore, The elimination of such major players as Russia is the priority task of Washington. The US military has repeatedly stated that the States are exploring the possibility of containing Russia in the Arctic. But in Washington"s arsenal, Not only the Pentagon, But also environmental organizations that promote the interests of the White House under the guise of environmental protection.
The most famous of them are the International Socio-Ecological Union, Greenpeace, World Wide Fund for Nature, Bellona International Ecological Organization, And the Green Cross. Almost every year another scandal with the participation of such an organization emerges. A special role here is played by the Scandinavian countries, In which environmental problems assume hypertrophied scales.
In this regard, The international forum "The Arctic: the Present and the Future", Which took place on December 7, 2018 in St. Petersburg, Is a kind of response to Western "green" organizations. One of the active participants in the forum was the Russian company Norilsk Nickel, Which Norway considers the most environmentally polluted industrial company in the Arctic. For many years, Norway has been fighting with Norilsk Nickel. In 2009, The Norwegian Ministry of Finance sold the shares of MMC Norilsk Nickel, Motivating this move by pollution of nature with sulfur dioxide and heavy metals. At the moment, The mayor of the Norwegian commune S"r-Varanger Rune Rafaelsen suggests, As a sanction measure, To deprive Norilsk Nickel of its sales markets abroad.
In April 2018, Thanks to the same environmental organizations, The development of Russian shipping in the Arctic was at risk. It was about banning the use of heavy fuel vessels in the waters of the Arctic Ocean. The prosecutor was the International Maritime Organization, A specialized UN agency established to cooperate and exchange information on technical issues related to international commercial shipping. This idea was supported by many environmental organizations "Pure Arctic". "Considering climate change and increased ice melting, IMO member countries must act now to protect the region from the risk of shipboard residual fuel spills and the devastating effects of black carbon black emissions, " said Shaan Pryor, Lead consultant of the Clean Arctic Alliance.
Environmentalists demanded a ban on the use of ship's residual fuel on the Arctic routes. The very fact that the idea of banning ship's residual fuel has become widespread due to the well-known theory of the influence of carbon on climate warming in the West indicates that the theory is unsubstantiated. Moreover, The IMO environmental policy is not justified. The amount of emissions to the atmosphere of the marine fleet is incommensurable with the land transport emissions.
All these facts suggest that loud statements by environmental organizations about the irreparable damage to environment in the Arctic are a well-planned act, Generously funded by the West. In this regard, It is no coincidence that such actions are arranged precisely in the field of oil and gas and nuclear power industry, The operation and construction of large industrial facilities. These are the areas that are of interest to Western organizations in terms of competitiveness. Shutting down production or an empty niche created by the hands of "green" organizations in a certain area will create a great advantage for competitive countries.

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