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USA Lose Arctic

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12/26/2018 2:48:14 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
The US Coast Guard refused to conduct previously scheduled military exercises in the Arctic. This is due to the fact that the only nuclear-powered icebreaker Polar Star was built in the 70s and may simply fail.
The US National Security Council planned to send the icebreaker to the exercises. However, There are no guarantees that there will be no "catastrophic consequences". In this regard, The American military leadership fears that in the case of serious breakdowns, The US will have to seek help from Russia, Which is considered unacceptable in the light of the current relations between the two countries. The US has another icebreaker Healy, But it can perform only a scientific function, And cannot be used in heavy ice.
The absence of icebreakers has a strong effect on the development by the United States of this extremely important region. Previously, The States planned to build a new icebreaker for an army worth $ 750 million, But this item was excluded from the document at the initiative of some lawmakers after US President Donald Trump demanded five billion dollars to be allocated to build a wall on the border with Mexico. Consequently, In the coming years, A new American icebreaker will not appear in the Arctic.
Thus, The United States is experiencing problems in the Arctic, And precedents for saving the Americans in the Arctic were in 2015, When Russian helicopter pilots who made a planned overflight of one of the areas discovered the frozen American submarine SeaWolf. The fact that the American submariners were in trouble, Testified traces of the use of signal smoke bombs. The Russians landed nearby and sawed ice around the cabin with chainsaws, Freeing the crew from captivity, Who could not get to the surface on their own.
This story had a wide resonance in the United States, Where it was noted that the American submariners were not well prepared for war with the Russians in the Arctic. In addition, The incident of 2011 surfaced, When during the Arctic Ice Exercise, The submarine Connecticut was stuck in the ice. Then the Americans coped on their own and were able to get out of the ice captivity.
The last incident occurred in March 2018, When Hartford nuclear submarine, Which participated in the Ice Exercise-2018, Was stuck in the ice. According to the plan of the exercises, The submarine, Having completed a series of maneuvers, Was to emerge and launch the Tomahawk cruise missiles. But something went wrong and on March 10, The submarine was firmly frozen into the ice, Without completing the combat training task. The Russians were ready to help, But the American submariners caused their helicopter to rescue the boat from the ice captivity.
So, The current concerns of the US Coast Guard, Which has long been eyeing the Arctic Ocean and the Northern Sea Route, About conducting exercises are not in vain. And sending the Polar Star to the Arctic alone would be a very risky business.
Thus, Despite the great desire, American attack aircraft carriers with squadrons of escort ships without the support of an icebreaking fleet simply will not enter the Arctic Ocean, Especially during the winter navigation period. Therefore, Three years ago, The United States Senate Committee on Armed Forces Affairs noted the fact that America lags significantly behind other countries, Primarily Russia, In the number of icebreakers.
Russia, On the contrary, Holds all the planned activities in the Arctic region. Thus, During the Vostok-2018 military exercises, Which took place in September 2018, The Northern Fleet Forces successfully conducted maneuvers in the Chukotka region in the Bering Sea.
In addition, It is known that during the Center-2019 exercises, Planned for August-September 2019, Some of the important stages will take place in the Arctic - from the New Earth to the Novosibirsk Islands.
Thus, The US military leadership stresses that even though the United States has developed an action plan in the Arctic, They are seriously lagging behind Russia, Which has been concentrating on activities in the region for a long time. However, The loss of the US Arctic is not threatened. They understand that they need to speed up efforts, Increase investment in the same nuclear-powered icebreakers and approach more flexibly the issue of creating various alliances in the development of the Arctic.

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