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Russian response to American missile defense

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12/26/2018 2:52:57 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
Russian response to American missile defense in Europe
Despite the Russian-US agreement on the limitation and reduction of strategic offensive arms, Washington has repeatedly violated the existing balance of forces in its favor.
Judging by the actions that the States are currently undertaking (from leaving the INF Treaty, To deploying a global missile defense system in Europe), It can be said with confidence that in the near future, The US will not only not abandon attempts to eliminate the Strategic Nuclear Forces of Russia and will continue build their nuclear capacity to solve the problem.
In response to the deployment of the US missile defense system in Europe, Russia has prepared a series of countermeasures. First of all, Military units are equipped with the latest rocket weapons and equipment. This is a new mine-based missile system "Sarmat" with a heavy liquid rocket. The rearmament of this missile system is scheduled to begin in 2021, It will replace the existing Voyevod complex. In addition, Currently there is a serial production of samples of the new Avangard missile system with hypersonic military equipment. This complex has unique combat characteristics: its installation will significantly increase the ability to overcome the missile defense system and defeat point attacks. The first samples of this weapon will be put on alert in the next year.
As of today, The high-precision hypersonic Dagger missile system is on test-combat duty. From December 1, 2018, The Peresvet combat laser systems were put into service.
All these means will provide guaranteed overcoming of the most modern anti-missile systems.

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