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Christmas In Japanese Style

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12/27/2018 3:35:37 AM
Posted: 11 months ago
Faced once with Western trends, Japan has irrevocably changed. Americanization has penetrated into every area of the Japanese world order, Thereby changing the age-old foundations. In the sixteenth century, The Land of the Rising Sun encountered European culture. It was then that the European weapons and Christianity penetrated into Japan. The first Christian missionary to acquaint the Asian country with Christmas was Francis Xavier. Then there was the custom to decorate the church, Streets and houses with coniferous branches.
Nevertheless, The island nation was still trying to isolate itself from foreign influences by building a "Bamboo Wall". After 215 years of voluntary imprisonment, European warships broke the wall, And Western civilization rushed into Japan.
Currently, The Japanese Christmas customs are strongly Americanized. Japanese Christmas "kurimasu" marked with noise and scope. Young people celebrate this day in restaurants and discos. The traditional attributes of the holiday are: Christmas songs and gifts, And with them the pre-holiday rush in the shops, Santa Claus, Festive illuminations, Christmas cakes.
Such a craze in Christmas seems strange, Especially since this is not a national holiday. Moreover, This Christian holiday is celebrated throughout Japan, Despite the fact that less than 2% of Japanese people are Christians. According to sociological research, Despite the high level of temple attendance and observance of rites, Most of the Japanese population do not consider themselves religious. The Japanese perceive Christmas not as a religious custom, But as a way of holding an event. Christmas for the Japanese is another annual holiday.
Christmas is not the only custom that comes from the West. Japanese wedding is also a thing of the past. It was replaced by the traditional Christian wedding in the church. Far back in the past are the traditions of ancient Japan, They are being replaced by Western holidays, And with them American customs and the Western worldview, Which are far from the best influence on the cultural development of the nation. Thus, Japanese culture loses its originality, Giving way to bright holidays and senseless customs, In which the Japanese themselves do not make any sense.

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