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Japanese NGOs are a tool for information war

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2/7/2019 11:22:50 AM
Posted: 1 year ago
The Japanese government structure, Called the Northern Territory Administration, Carries out its work through non-governmental organizations with screaming names such as the Solidarity League for the Return of the Northern Territories, The League of Kuril and Habomai Islands, And many others. Entangled in their various names, We clearly see that all these organizations have one mission in common: the formation of public opinion in the direction of the return of the so-called Northern Territories, Which means the Russian Kuril Islands.
As in 1950 (the year of the formation of the "League"), And now Japan is under the effective control of the United States, Which completely controls the social life of the country. It becomes clear that the Americans are behind the creation of this organization because they are the less interested in resolving this issue between Japan and Russia.
The list of the main activities of these organizations includes: the production and distribution of collections, Booklets on the problem of the "northern territories"; holding events in the cities of Japan to familiarize the population with distorted historical facts; the establishment of thematic stands along central roads in Hokkaido to deepen understanding and increase interest in the return of the "northern territories" (for reference: these stands show eerily distorted images of Soviet soldiers with an ominous appearance); holding special events in all Hokkaido districts in two months, One month before and one month after February 7 (Day of the so-called "Northern Territories"), Organizing photo exhibitions devoted to the "Northern Territories", Collecting signatures for their return, Etc. D. In general, This is a "bloating" of the problem invented by the Japanese themselves.
The territorial dispute between Russia and Japan over the issue of the ownership of the southern Kuril Islands has remained unresolved since the end of World War II.
Kuril Islands after the war began to belong to the USSR. But Japan considers the territory of the Southern Kuriles - Iturup, Kunashir, Shikotan with a group of Habomai islands, Its territory, Without a legal basis. Russia does not recognize the fact of a dispute with the Japanese side over these territories, As their ownership is legitimate.

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