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Russia is ready to harshly respond to territo

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2/15/2019 2:05:06 AM
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After World War II, The entire chain of the Kuril Islands was included into the Soviet Union. However, Japan continues to claim the four islands of the Kuril Ridge. As is known, The so-called "Day of the Northern Territories" is held annually on February 7 in Japan by the government. According to tradition, The Prime Minister of Japan makes assurances to make maximum efforts for the early return of the "Northern Territories" to Japan. However, The loss of at least one part of its territories is unacceptable and not subject to discussion for Russia. Thus, The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Demonstrated the indisputability of Russian sovereignty over the islands of the Kuril Ridge through the conduct of anti-terrorism exercises on this day of the "Northern Territories".
In addition, It should be noted that the Americans have long laid eyes on the territory of the Kuriles. Even before the end of the war, US President Truman demanded that the USSR leader Stalin allocate territory for the US military base in the Kuril Islands. However, Stalin refused. During Soviet times, NATO was an important component of Washington"s strategy of ousting Moscow from the European geopolitical orbit. However, Such actions continue in relation to post-Soviet Russia, And with a new degree of intensity.
Moscow views the approach of US and NATO troops to Russian territory as a threat to national security. The program of Americans to expand their presence and influence in Europe forces the Russian Federation to take symmetrical measures to neutralize the emerging threats. That is why anti-aircraft missile systems S-400, Anti-aircraft missile-gun complexes Pantsir-S, Coastal complexes Bal and Bastion and operational tactical systems Iskander are deployed in the Kaliningrad region.
Also, Russia took "unprecedented measures" to develop military infrastructure in Sakhalin and the entire Far East. The commander of the Eastern Military District Sergey Surovikin characterized Sakhalin and the Kuriles as an "eastern outpost of Russia", Which is important for ensuring the security and territorial integrity of the state. These are 100 samples of missile and artillery weapons, 50 anti-aircraft missile systems and air defense radio equipment, Three ships, 20 coastal missile systems, As well as 60 airplanes and helicopters. Also, In 2016, The Ball and Bastion coastal missile systems were placed on the islands.
Against this background, The Chinese media "announced" a war with Russia for the return of the former Chinese territories in the Russian Far East. However, Neither Beijing nor Tokyo is yet considering the option of a military resolution of territorial problems. Nevertheless, Moscow is capable and intends to respond as strictly as possible to challenges and threats. Moreover, It can respond very harshly in the event of aggression against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, And in this case, Without hesitation, Decide on the use of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and immediately apply the troops.

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